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The Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA), the agency that manages the 73, 133, 241 and 261 Toll Roads, elected new chairs and vice chairs at its Thursday meeting on Feb. 14.

A press release from the TCA stated the chairs “will focus on capital improvements and environmental stewardship.”

The San Joaquin Hills Transportation Corridor Agency (SJHTCA) and Foothill/Eastern Transportation Corridor Agency (F/ETCA) boards of directors nominated and elected their new leaders, respectively.

Director Fred Minagar, Laguna Niguel councilmember, was re-elected SJHTCA chair, and director Cynthia Connors, Laguna Woods mayor, was elected vice chair. SJHTCA manages the 73 Toll Road.

San Clemente City Councilmember Kathy Ward, far left, who is a director on the TCA’s Foothill/Eastern Transportation Corridor Agencies board of directors, repeated the city’s claim that The Toll Road administration has not adequately produced public documents San Clemente has requested for months. TCA representatives disputed this claim at its joint board meeting on Aug. 9 in Irvine. Photo: Eric Heinz
San Clemente City Councilmember Kathy Ward, far left, was the city’s representative on the TCA’s Foothill/Eastern Transportation Corridor Agencies board of directors, as seen here on Aug. 9 in Irvine.  The city’s new representatives are Laura Ferguson and Dan Bane. Photo: Eric Heinz

Director Christina Shea, Irvine mayor pro tem, was elected F/ETCA chair, and director Chuck Puckett, Tustin mayor, was elected vice chair. Shea previously served as vice chair of the F/ETCA board. F/ETCA manages the 133, 241 and 261 Toll Roads, which provide links between Rancho Santa Margarita, Irvine and the border of Orange and Riverside counties.

Shea had been an adversary to San Clemente representation in the past. When San Clemente City Councilmember Kathy Ward represented the city on the 241 board, meetings were full of back-and-forth between Shea and Ward as to what responsibility San Clemente has in providing more transportation opportunities.

The boards of directors also welcomed new directors from San Clemente: Councilmember Laura Ferguson for the F/ETCA and Mayor Pro Tem Dan Bane for the SJHTCA.

The city of San Clemente is currently fighting the proposed toll road ideas, some of which would go through major portions of the city.

Annual chair and vice chair appointments are effective as of Feb. 1 to coincide with city council annual appointments to the boards and agencies. At the San Clemente City Council meeting on Tuesday, city attorney Scott Smith said a portion of the city’s lawsuit against the TCA is expected to be settled, but the agreement has not yet been finalized. Councilmember Laura Ferguson said the scoping process for the proposed toll roads is to begin this summer, and there will be further opportunities for public comment and possible reduction of the proposed road alignments.

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  • Thank you Kathy for standing up to Christina Shea Ed Sachs Lisa Bartlett and the rest of them trying to ram a needless toll road through our town and open spaces! They were not looking for transportation solutions just ways to sustain the longevity of the TCA so it can go on lining its and its Lobbyists/consultants pockets with our taxpayers and the bond holders monies! Time to pay down these bonds stop collecting more developmental fees free the 73 like it was supposed to be and abolish the TCA! Stop this taxpayer waste now!

  • Christina Shea is anti anyone who is not blindly doing whatever TCA wants them to do. I took my position of oversight serisously as an elected official representing my city. TCA is off mission and spending millions of dollars in their effort to force a road through South Orange County.

  • I would say Christina Shea is anti-anyone who isn’t blindly following whatever TCA wants. I took my oversight responsibility as an elected official seriously and represented my city. TCA is off mission and spending millions of dollars of public money to force a road through South Orange County.

  • No one for a minture should believe the TCA actually thinks it will ever build a Toll Road over SC through Pico and over the High School. After Dan Bane finishes destroying the SRF Agreement the TCA will be free to build the Toll Road through at Cristianitos.

comments (4)

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