This week’s item is from Bonjour Cafe & Bistro, 24633 Del Prado Ave, Dana Point, 949.496.6368,

Photo: Matt Cortina
Photo: Matt Cortina

By Matt Cortina

Though we’re a continent and a sea from France, it’s hard not to feel like a tourist ordering the croque monsieur at Bonjour Cafe. But then again, the sandwich itself is a tourist. We’re not ogling it, like a macaron; no, it’s ogling us, in its many shapes and forms, from restaurants of myriad reputes across the country.

Smoked ham and melted cheese. This, and the Revolutionary War, are the two things for which even our most be-camouflaged, Bud-pounding and Trump-trumpeting citizens can thank France.

Bonjour Cafe’s croque monsieur is a triple-decker of thick country bread, lightly charred swiss cheese, smoked ham shreds and pristine béchamel sauce. The sauce is silky and elegant, but powerful and rich, like pre-jail Martha Stewart or Cate Blanchett c. right now. And there’s this flavor, hidden in the many folds of prepping that sauce, what is it, uh…um… NUTMEG!

You can come by any time, croque monsieur, especially if you’re made by the chefs at Bonjour Cafe.

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