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Mike Levin

By Congressman Mike Levin

We all know that Americans need more relief to get through this pandemic. Millions of people are unemployed, many families can barely cover rent or put food on the table, and small businesses are struggling to survive.

We need to get schools more resources so they can reopen quickly and safely, and we need to make immediate investments in vaccine distribution so we can put this pandemic behind us.

You’ve probably heard of the American Rescue Plan, the latest relief bill from President Joe Biden and Congress. I recently voted to pass that bill, because it provides much of the relief that Americans desperately need.

Americans making $75,000 or less will receive $1,400 in direct payments, $25 billion will go to help restaurants stay open, $130 billion will go to K-12 schools to get kids back in the classroom, and much more.

All of this is extremely important, but there’s one more piece of this bill that you might not have heard about: direct funding for smaller cities like those in our community.

In last year’s CARES Act, only cities larger than 500,000 received direct aid. Now smaller cities will receive direct aid, too. Sure, it may not sound like the most exciting piece of this bill, but it’s going to help San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano, and Dana Point keep city employees on the job and continue to provide essential public services that we all take for granted.

Our cities have seen significant revenue losses because of this pandemic. Tax revenue from economic activity like tourism has taken a drastic hit. As a result, some cities have been forced to cut services, lay off public servants, and postpone or cancel new projects.

As The Capistrano Dispatch reported, San Juan Capistrano had to furlough workers for two weeks over the holidays, meaning some of our neighbors who work for the city went unpaid over Christmas.

This is why I have pushed for smaller cities to receive direct federal assistance. Last year, every mayor in my District—including those in South Orange County—joined me in calling for direct aid.

Both Democratic and Republican mayors said, “We need the federal government to step up. We are calling on Congress and the President to provide direct aid to our cities. … The health and well-being of our people depend on it.”

After nearly a year of bipartisan advocacy, I am glad to say that help is on the way. The House-passed bill includes an estimated $6.3 million for Dana Point, $8.8 million for San Clemente, and $6.7 million for San Juan Capistrano. We still need to make sure that funding stays in the final version of the bill, but I am confident that will happen.

Our local cities should finally receive the funding they need to maintain the essential services that we depend on and pay all of the public workers who make sure our cities run smoothly. Help is on the way, and it’s coming to our community.

U.S. Representative Mike Levin represents the 49th Congressional District, which includes the South Orange County cities of Dana Point, San Clemente and San Juan Capistrano. He was reelected for a second term in 2020 and resides in San Juan Capistrano with his wife and two children.

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comments (11)

  • Levin: 600B of the 1.9T goes to support citizens. Where is the other 1.1T going?

    Why did you vote for HR 1?

    Are you in favor of changing the number of Supreme Court justices from 9?

  • Tom Madone? Are you kidding? You CLEARLY do not understand the bill that landed on President Biden’s desk.

    And while this is ongoing— the GOP is starting up a bill that would end ANY estate tax for the ultra ultra rich……. same old GOP hogwash


  • Less than 9% of this bloated, outrageous departure from sanity (Covid Bill) will actually go to Covid relief. The rest is a give away to blue states who have mismanaged their states and/or blown on leftist wish list items. Any Congressman who voted for this backstab is no patriot and should be fired for cause.

  • “Talk about a crock.” Yes, agreed. This Democrat, titanic stinker is a load of crock!

    From the above article:

    Take public education, where Democratic-allied teacher unions dominate. It’s not clear why any additional spending is necessary, given that tens of billions of education funding from prior COVID relief bills are still unspent, even as many districts have already begun to reopen for in-person instruction.

    Nonetheless, the bill spends roughly another $130 billion on K-12 education, which will be spread out over years. The CBO projects more spending for elementary and secondary education will occur in fiscal year 2026 than this fiscal year.

    The $350 billion in aid to states and localities comes despite state and local tax revenue being down only a tick through much of 2020 compared with the year before. According to widely cited Moody’s economist Mark Zandi, the state and local funding gap will be roughly $60 billion through fiscal 2022. Still, states and localities will be showered with money, after more than $500 billion in aid to states and localities last year.

    The bill spends $86 billion bailing out union-negotiated multi-employer pension plans.

    And on and on with further wastes of hard-earned, tax-payer monies.

    Leftist Democrats, in their power grab, have acted upon their old play book of “never letting a crisis go to waste” and do so at America’s expense.

    Contrary to what China Joe Biden (a traitor who should be impeached and prosecuted) claimed, if this Democrat undermining of America’s safety, security, and fiscal stability continues, China WILL eat our lunch.

  • Biden’s done more good for the nation in two months than the former guy did in four years.

    Keep chuggin’ that Kool Aid.

  • President Trump was the best President in two generations. The current occupant of the White House, China Joe Biden, is a treasonous, drooling vegetable who sold out America to enrich his family.

    “Biden’s done more good for the nation in two months than the former guy did in four years.”

    Hilarious Hal, which nation would this “good” be for…Mexico? Honduras? Biden’s foolishness is certainly not good for America. China is laughing at his dumb a*s.

    The crisis on the border is ALL of China Joe Biden’s making. He, or more accurately, the puppet masters pulling his strings, rescinded the Trump order to release those awaiting processing back into Mexico. Now, Biden lets them loose into America…covid or not. Great job leftist Democrats!

    American patriots wear Trump’s hat, “Make America Great Again” while illegal aliens crashing our borders with covid wear Biden shirts.

    Hey Hal, how about those gasoline prices? Yeah, sleepy Joe owns that one too. His numbskull policies have ended thousands of good paying jobs and threaten to make America dependent on foreign oil again.

    Traitor Joe has also ruined women’s sports as he mandates young females compete against males. Where is the science behind this doofus move?

    Perhaps yours was just a typo and was meant to say, “…more harm to America than the former guy…”

    Did I forget to mention that confused Joe wants to get back into the demonstrably flawed Iran deal? You didn’t vote for that clown, did you?

  • Thank God Biden and Harris are here! I just red the critique of the covid relief bill above. I see that the Fox News/Putin crowd is still spouting 100 percent false info.


    SOOOOO glad that we have Democracy and that 80 million Americans don’t buy this dim witted anti Constitutional anti democratic nonsense anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Al, are you thanking God that Harris and Biden support the wholesale slaughter of those in the womb? Or the destruction of women’s sports by allowing males to compete with females thus depriving many a young woman of a sports scholarship? Talk about a war on women…that’s the war leftist Democrats engage in.

    Did you thank God that Harris and Biden created the crisis on the border they refuse to acknowledge? As illegals, wearing Biden T-shirts, flood across our borders many of whom are infected with the Wuhan China virus, the Mexican president lays the blame squarely where it belongs…on China Joe Biden. The majority of the young women in these caravans are raped, children are abused and trafficked, and the drug cartels are getting rich. Great job sleepy Joe Biden!
    BTW, why do you think this administration is disallowing the media access to the “kids in cages”?

    When Harris/Biden Administration officials met the Chinese communists in Alaska, they were treated like the proverbial red-headed step child. The lies of leftist Democrats were used by the Chinese against America and Americans. Instead of the moral high ground America has vis a vis the CCP considering their genocide of the Uighurs, Biden’s weaklings waffled and wilted at the mention of BLM and the lies Democrats have repeated about the treatment of blacks in America.

    Hey Al, did you thank God that one of creepy Joe’s first actions was to cancel the Keystone Pipeline destroying thousands of good paying, union jobs?

    Did I forget to mention that Joe Biden sold his country out to enrich his family?

    Any comment on his rambling, stumbling, lie-filled press conference? That one had to have made even a loyal flag burning leftist wince.


  • The former guy is so corrupt, he makes Tricky Dick look like Honest Abe.

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