By Jim Shilander
The California Department of Parks and Recreation’s Office of Historic preservation will consider potentially recognizing Trestles as a historic district.
Interested parties received a notice dated December 5 that the agency would be considering the nomination of the area to the National Register of Historic Places.
Mark Rauscher of the Surfrider Foundation said the effort had begun after the failure to put the Toll Road in the area.
“We recognized after that, that this is really a special place, not just because of the history, but for it’s natural resources,” Rauscher said.
Rauscher indicated that there were not many surfing related historic places in the registry currently. Since the first surfing community at Trestles began in the 1930s, and many major developments in surfing had taken place there, the historians consulted by the Surfrider Foundation had said the area was potentially a very good candidate for placement on the register.
The nomination of the Trestles Historic District will be considered at the State Historical Resources Commission Quarterly Meeting to be held Friday, February 8 at 9 a.m., at the Secretary of State’s office in Sacramento.

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