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A scene fit for a Shakespearean masquerade was in action on Saturday at Casa Romantica’s annual Toast to the Casa. This year’s theme was “Gran Ballo delle Maschere.”

The celebration is a fundraiser for the nonprofit organization that hosts year-round programs and activities, specifically for children’s education in music and culture.

Live and silent auctions took place, with a variety of items up for bidding—most notable was a book with Ole Hanson’s signature, which went for more than $2,400.

From the auctions and fundraising, Casa Romantica garnered a net $135,000 from the event, according to the organization. The total was $15,000 more than last year’s Toast.

Sir Bruno Serato, the founder of Caterina’s Club, a nonprofit in Anaheim that provides thousands of meals to underserved youth each week, was the honorary chairman of the event.

Serato spoke about the importance of cultivating youthful endeavors in order to sustain the future.

“We heard from many patrons that it was our best and most exciting fundraiser yet, and we were proud that so many individuals and businesses came together for a magical Italian evening at Casa Romantica,” Casa Romantica Board President Ruth DeNault said in a press release. “It is heartening to have the support of our community as we bring more and better cultural programs to them in the year ahead.”

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Click here to read Casa Romantica’s full press release: casa-romantica-press-release

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